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Working with teams

Within the Docbloc ecosystem there is a concept of teams, it allows companies to have multiple users within the account, and also allows users to belong to multiple accounts with the same login/personal details.

Creating a new team

Creating a new team is simple, once logged in you can visit https://app.docbloc.co/choose-team and follow the team creation process.

Switching Teams

When logging in if you belong to multiple teams you will be asked to choose the team you want to login with, and from within the Docbloc dashboard you can click your user photo in the top right and a dropdown will appear with all the teams that you belong to.

Managing & Deleting a Team.

Only team owners can manage or remove a team, the team owner is the person who registered for the team initially, team owners cannot be removed from the team from the console.

For help changing the team owner or to delete a team please, contact Docbloc support.