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Navigating the platform

The Docbloc platform can be navigated via a simple sidebar.

Docbloc Sidebar

The main sidebar will allow you to access general sections of the platform such as account settings, managing your users, support and also be able to log-out of your Docbloc account. From the main sidebar you will also be able to select the project you would like to see, or hit the plus icon to create a new project.

Project Sidebar

When a project is selected and active, you will be displayed with an extra layer on the sidebar which will have items that allow your to navigate your project, including the Editor, Project design and general settings.

Supplementary account menu

By clicking the profile icon in the top left of the platform, this will open up a secondary menu that will allow your to switch teams (if you belong to multiple), It will also allow your to quickly navigate to your account settings, or log-out.