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Endpoints - Parameters

The parameter editor is the most complex part of the app, and has a bit of a learning curve. If you are having any trouble with it you can watch our video tutorial to help you get started.

Creating a new parameter

You can start by clicking the 'Create new' button to add a new parameter, you will be given a form that details the parameter as follows:


This is the label for your endpoint for example: user_name, email etc.


You can choose the type from the dropdown menu; when choosing Object or object array you will be able to add child parameters to the item for example your api might take a user object with a few properties such as first_name, last_name, email etc.


You can provide a paragraph or 2 of details for this parameter that users need to know.


You can choose if a parameter is required or not and a flag will be shown accordingly.


A string value that details any validation on this parameter

Sorting & Editing

After creating the parameters you can drag and drop to reorder or place them under different parent parameters, you can also click the 3 dots on the side of an item to reveal its context menu; from the context menu you will be able to edit, duplicate, delete or expand.

Parent / Child Parameters

When creating a parameter with either a Object or Object array type you will be able to add children from the main editor view;

Clicking the create new link will then show you the create parameter form, parent/children can be nested as much as needed.