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Create Items

The main content of your project is made up of what we call 'Items', each item has a different type and is for a specific purpose, as follows:


These are used to store other items, it's possible to nest groups as many levels deep as you need. They also have a title and description that will be used on the documentation to display your group intro


Endpoints are pretty self explanatory and are the main focus, see full user guides on editing endpoints for more details.

Content Pages

Content pages are simplified items that contain an html editor and you can add any content you need on here.

Models (Coming soon)

Shared models that can be used across endpoint requests and responses.

Errors (Coming soon)

Shared error messages that can be used as responses for endpoints.

Adding items to your project

You can add items to your project by clicking on the green add button, a window will show with the different types of items, select the one you want and it will be added to your items list in the sidebar. Click outside the window to cancel adding an item.