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Wednesday, February 17th

Brand new features coming soon

Brand new features coming soon

Next month we will be doing a major Docbloc release that includes a ton of new functionality as well as an updated look, feel and user experience.

After 8 months of Research, Development and Testing we are prepping for a release in Mid may, the release will include a bunch of new features that users have been after, some improvements to existing functionality as well as an entire overhaul of the look and feel and user experience.

New features include:

  • Documentation items ordering and grouping
  • Content pages
  • Child endpoint parameters
  • Activity log and documentation history
  • Advanced documentation search
  • Improved app interface and usability
  • Dark mode theme
  • Updated Docloc brand
  • Support & Resources Centre

Along with this the work we've done will pave the way for regular feature releases in 2021, sign up for newsletter notifications for further updates.

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